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Chefs Knife 80 layers



One of the first things I learned as a blacksmith was toolmaking, the majority of tools I own I had made myself. This time I wanted to make tools that could be used outside the forge. 

I started to wonder what is the most commonly used tool and the answer came immediately: kitchen knives. Upon my research, I have found that all around the world there is a long tradition of craftsmen that specialize in knife making. The multitude of shapes lengths, methods of sharpening is mind boggling also chefs that specialize in different cuisine chose different knives. All of those designs were developed to perform a particular task and this gave me access to the whole new world of tools I can make. This is when I decided to make a set that would bring together both of my knowledge of materials, toolmaking and the traditional forms to create the knives that will excel in the kitchen. 

Small Chopper

Created with high-quality modern materials: 

- 15n20 carbon steel and 1095 spring steel 

- forging pattern welded steel (Damascus steel) 

- edge of each blade, includes a layer of O1 tool steel to ensure a great cutting edge 

- Thermocycled blades, hardened and tempered for highest performance



Damascus closeup
Pairing Knife
Damascus chefs knife


Chef’s Knife

20 cm


Pairing Knife

10 cm



Wave Knife

Picking up an object of daily use, and redesigning it to find a perfect balance between modern design and everyday practicality. 

Sycomor knife

My previous projects were idea based, and this time I wanted to challenge myself to create a design based on a found object. 


This project revolves around a transition of tools of destruction into tools of creation, I wanted to show a cyclical process that has repeated itself throughout history.

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