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Wave knife closeup



Picking up an object of daily use, and redesigning it to find a perfect balance between modern design and everyday practicality. 

The shape of kitchenware that we use today was developed through history to perform certain tasks, and they do excel at it. Modern designers don’t have many options to change the shape of a blade since in most cases it is simply the most efficient. The challenge I have faced was to create a design that would be original and did not compromise the performance. I have achieved that by creating a knife that is made of one piece of material instead of multiple parts.


Carefully measuring the dimensions had allowed me to make a blade that has perfect balance. The timeless technique of pattern welding, create a unique pattern that enhances the flow of material and a very deep etch had helped to make a very comfortable grip on the handle.

Wave Knife

- 15n20 carbon steel and 1095 spring steel 

- forging pattern welded steel (Damascus steel) 

- edge of each blade, includes a layer of O1 tool steel to ensure a great cutting edge 

- Thermocycled blades, hardened and tempered for highest performance



Wave Knife loop



Shell Tools

This project revolves around a transition of tools of destruction into tools of creation, I wanted to show a cyclical process that has repeated itself throughout history.

Sycamore Knife

My previous projects were idea based, and this time I wanted to challenge myself to create a design based on a found object. 

Chefs Knife

One of the first things I learned as a blacksmith was toolmaking, majority of tools I own I had made myself. This time I wanted to make tools that could be used outside the forge. 

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