Silver Steel Petty, perfect for the small delicate task in the kitchen and general cooking, is forged from a single piece of Silver Steel integral bolster gives it a perfect balance. I had left the hammer marks for you to see how the material moves under the hammer.

Model: Silver Steel Petty

Steel: Silver Steel

Layers number: 1

Handle wood: Ancient Bog Oak

Hand forged: 25h

Size: 26cm, blade 14cm, handle 12cm



My products are made out of high carbon Tool steel, unlike the mass-produced ones that you can find in shops that are made out of stainless. Thanks to it I can create intricate patterns and can stay sharp much longer, to keep it that way adequate maintenance is required, please use clean them by hand with water and a mild dishwasher liquid. After washing, rinse with water dry with a towel, and apply a little bit of kitchen oil on the whole length of the blade remove the excess with a paper towel, store in a dry place. If you follow those directions you will prevent rust and the edge will stay sharp much longer.

Silver Steel Petty, Bog Oak

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