This Nakiri with a forged integral bolster. Perfect all-rounder, capable to perform a multitude of tasks in the kitchen. 

- 19cm blade 13cm handle
- Pau Rosa handle
- 15n20 carbon steel, 1095 spring steel, pure Nickel 
- 70 layers forged pattern welded steel (Damascus steel)

-  the blade includes a layer of 26C3 steel (Spicy White) to ensure a great cutting edge
- Thermocycled blades, hardened and tempered for highest performance

Knife Maintenance
My knives are made out of the high carbon Tools steel, unlike the mass-produced ones that you can find in shops that are made out of stainless. Thanks to it I can create the intricate patterns and my knives can stay sharp much longer, to keep it that way adequate maintenance is required, please use clean them by hand with water and a mild dishwasher liquid. After washing, rinse with water dry with a towel, and apply a little bit of kitchen oil on the whole length of the blade remove the excess with a paper towel, store in a dry place. If you follow those directions you will prevent rust and the edge will stay sharp much longer.

Damascus Nakiri, Pau Rosa

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